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Group Profile - Profit growth stategies and services for SMEs

Penglase Publishing is a conglomeration of companies offering broad-based services aimed at growing profits for our clients through effective marketing and technological innovation and integration.

Our clientele are primarily small businesses with less than 15 employees. Our customised marketing and technology solutions when combined with our innovative business strategies provide simple, proven and very cost effective steps to success.

Growing Profits Consulting: we partner with businesses with potential which we can turn into market leaders using low- or no-cost strategies to deliver profit growth of between 35-60% in a matter of months. We assist clients in systemising their business so they can expand, license, franchise, sell or float it in 2-3 years for large profits. more »»

Broadband Media: a broad-based marketing, growth and profit focused business support company. We specialise in the development of targeting marketing systems incorporating advanced marketing strategies, internet exposure and services for business, with a support team of consultants focused on your business success.

We have a range of divisions that provide specific services which are integrated into a customised solution:
Easy Money Online: we provide informational products, education and tools for online marketers and 'infopreneurs', and information on money-making opportunities such as affiliate marketing and domain name & website trading.