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Australian singer and entertainer Francine Bell joins BBMedia as a client
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Growing Profits Consulting now a Better Business Institute licensee

Growing Profits Consulting is now using BBI's cutting edge marketing and business tools garnered from over 15years and $12.5m investment

Better Business International - An Australian based company providing consulting and marketing products to small businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Canada.

The Better Business Institute has been established to serve the small business community world-wide by providing affordable sales, marketing and business development products and value added services.

Growing Profits Consulting - we look to partner with businesses with potential which we can turn into market leaders using low-, or no-cost strategies to deliver profit growth of between 30-60% in a mmater of months. We assist clients in systemising their business for expansion, sale, licensing, franchise or floating in 2-3 years for large profits.

Our clientele are primarily small businesses with less than 15 employees. BBI's products - and the strategies our GP Consulting Profit Growth Specialists teach when combined with customised solutions - provide simple, proven and very cost effective steps to success.