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New Director - Andrew Harwood joins Broadband Media

Experienced manager to drive profit growth consulting area and business development

Broadband Media: a broad-based marketing, growth and profit focused business support company. We specialise in the development of targeting marketing systems incorporating advanced marketing strategies, internet exposure and services for business, with a support team of consultants focused on our client's business success.

Andrew Harwood has successfully run a business enterprise for the last 25 years. During this time he has honed his skills in areas as broad as strategic planning, program development and management, and managed areas as diverse as general administration, annual program management and direction, financial management, budgeting, labour management, payroll administration, and task programming.

About the move to join the board of Broadband Media, Andrew said "I saw the need for change and revising the business direction and refocusing the company for changing marketplace conditions.

I intend to put my considerable experience to good use in implementing documented strategies in Broadband Media in the training and development of client businesses."