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Garth Penglase, Founder and CEO
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Message from the CEO
It's always people and innovation that make the difference

Penglase Publishing has always been about a desire to take advantage of the enormous advantages of the Internet, such as the ability to publish inexpensively to a very targeted markets, and low-cost and proven marketing techniques involved in direct marketing. So we deliberately decided to focus our activities on internet marketing, to consolidate and expand our positions in our traditional markets, and to develop momentum in new ones. Over the last year we have consolidated our vision and are expanding our operations with new recruits and partners taken on to support this growth in our business activities.

Innovation is our fundamental growth driver. For Penglase Publishing, innovation means constantly being at the forefront of developments in low-cost marketing techniques and technologies.

As a consequence of this strategy, 2007 was a year of sustainable development for Penglase Publishing through the success and growth enjoyed by our web development company Broadband Media, followed by a solid growth in 2008.

In the coming years, we shall build on our professionalism and dedication to our ambitious plans for expansion, product innovation and marketing, and research into the new marketing practices and techniques. This will enable Penglase Publishing to be a leader in this new era of digital media, information publishing and targeted marketing.