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... investing in websites and domain names

Virtual Real Estate - What if I told you that you could buy Property for $50, $500, or a couple thousand dollars! Then earn as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month in "rent" without ever having a tenant? (Domain Parking)

What If I told you, you could buy a property today for as little as $50 then flip it for huge profits after only a few days or a few months later?

What are Domain Names?
- a unique name that identifies an Internet Site.
- an alphanumeric name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the internet.
- an asset owned by an entity, requiring renewing on a regular basis. Example: bike.com

Are you interested in building a portfolio of virtual real estate? We help YOU get the Domain Name that best fits your needs as well as providing you a valuable investment. Many domain names are worthless, but just as many are very valuable! We help you buy the domains that Have Value, and will Gain value. Put our experience to work for you!

We own hundreds of Domain Names and have access to thousands more on a daily basis!

Please contact us with the specific Domain Names that you would like to purchase or your area of interest, and a price range in mind that we can work with to get you your perfect domain name at the best price possible!

What makes a Domain Name valuable?

Location, Location, Location! There can only be ONE. There can only be one Money.com or one RealEstate.com in the whole world! There are other extensions like .net, .org, .biz, .info etc but the most common and most valuable are .com domains. A .com domain gets "organic" traffic because when people type keywords such as 'bike' directly into their Internet browsers, the browser software will 'resolve' to the .com name - no other domain has this feature. Also people naturally go to a .com domain first.

Generic domain names (.com/.net/.info/.tv etc.) are generally the most valuable because more people will type those extensions, because of the recognisability of them, and they are easier to remember.

So why buy anything but a .com domain?
.org is intended for Non-Profit originations.
.net is intended for network-related firms and is generally regarded as the next best extension. The .net domain is a good option where the .com is unavailable or out of your price range.
.info is a newer extension and works very well for an informational site
.us is generally used as a US country extension and is often used buy companies wanting to state that they are located in the US (United States)
.mobi is intended to be used for mobile phones. Please read more about the .mobi ext at MTLD.com

Are all the Good Domains taken? Largely! Yes, but it might be For Sale and you can buy it! We negotiate on behalf of our customers to buy good domain names. Also, with our large inventory you may be able to find a similarly valuable and suitable domain.

What sort of Domain Names are Valuable? Generic .com domain names (such as Loans.com, RealEstate.com etc.) hold the most value but generic domains in other extensions also have significant value.

Short / Brandable .coms! The shorter the domain name, the rarer it is. The most rare and valuable ones are 2 letter LL.com / .net / .org & three letter LLL.com / .net / .org / .us and also pronouncable words which are four letter LLLL.com.

For example, many companies are 2 and 3 word combinations. Our recommendation is to use an LL or LLL combination for your company website and redirect the longer name to the shorter domain name. For instance, suppose yourcompany name is Overseas Transport Services. You would want the domain name OTS.com or OTS.net which are much easier to market and remember than OverseasTransportServices.com . It is best to cover all bases, so that your customers are most likely to find your website.

Keyword Domains - these are domains that contain a generic word or words (such as CarParts.com DesignerClothes.com WebsiteDesign.com etc.)

Traffic Domains! The value of a domain can also be significantly affected by the actual or potential revenue it can garner from people searching for specific keywords which it may contain. Traffic domains can be worth almost as much as Generic .com domains depending on the quality of the traffic. The price for traffic domains ranges from 12-60 months revenue. Traffic domains not currently making money, go for approximately $10 per 100 unique visitors.